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OtterBox Case- The Perfect Protection for Your Nokia E71

October 19th, 2009 | by sandeep.s |

Otter Box Case

OtterBox Cases are famous for their great quality, toughness; durability in their Defender Series definitely lives up to their reputation and quality. Combine their cases with a screen protector, your Nokia E71 is well protected either to be thrown into your pocket or purse.

The Defender Series cases live up to that legacy by providing excellent protection for your Nokia E71 that can stand up to impressive damage and wear. The case covers 99% of the phone protecting from dust, scratches, and drops while keeping the features, keys and ports accessible through the case.

The OtterBox Defender Series for Nokia E71 is a stylish, yet durable case with three protective layers. The Defender Series will keep your Nokia safe and you looking your best. The entire thing is very strong and extremely well built, all the way from a thin thermal formed protective clear PVC membrane to cover the keypad. It protects against scratching and dust. It took all took the common things thrown at a Nokia E71 and quite literally came through without a scratch. The entire case is built around pure protection and has three layers to protect the device:

The first layer is entirely optional; it is a simple, thermal formed protective clear PVC membrane to cover the keypad. Clear PC sheet to cover the screen. It does give the keypad a very different texture.

Next layer, the Polycarbonate shell, this is the main layer of protection, a form fitting polycarbonate plastic hard shell. This layer protects the Nokia E71 from hard blows and crushing damage.

The third layer, the skin, The skin layer fits easily over the plastic shell, providing a great shock absorber for falls as well as providing an excellent grip with the grooves in the back, in addition is covers some of the ports and whatnot with a flap to prevent common damage to hose components. It stays very well and is excellently molded to provide great accessibility.

Overall The Otter Box case for the Nokia E71 has the complete protection for the Smartphones which is the biggest concern that we need these days!

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